GP-7 Survivors

WP’s first nine GP7’s numbered 701-709 were delivered in October 1952. The 710-713 were delivered in March and April of 1953. Of the thirteen units on the roster two, 711 and 712 would be transferred to the Sacramento Northern in 1971 and one, the 702, would be stripped of parts and scrapped in 1981. The remaining 10 would make it to the active UP roster after the merger and many were even repainted. However, mechanical failures were quick to come and the Geeps were soon stored, sold, or donated to museums. Three found homes in museums when the 707 and 708 were donated to the Feather River Rail Society in Portola, California and the 713 was given to the Pacific Locomotive Association at Castro Point, California. 709 was sold for scrap in November 1985 and the last six, the 701, 703, 704 705, 706 and 710 were sold to Mountain Diesel Transportation in July 1987. These six units were moved from their storage place at Ogden to the Great Western Railway in Loveland, Colorado during the first week of September 1987. MDT retained four of the units while two, 705 and 710, were resold to the Great Western who stripped the 710 for parts and scrapped the remains. The 705 would eventually be purchased from MDT and donated to the Feather River Rail Society in Portola, California. Shortly after the sale of the 705 the 704 was scrapped. Two units, 701 and 703, would be reconditioned by the Great Western for MDT and leased to the Dry Valley Railroad. 701 was wrecked on September 2, 1988 at Dry Valley, Idaho and scrapped at the wreck site. The 706 was sold to the Tennessee Southern in 1990 where it never saw service and was eventually sold for scrap in 2005.

Along with the 705, the Feather River Rail Society at its Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, California preserves the 707 complete with “barrel” headlights, 708 and Sacramento Northern (ex WP) 712.