GP-20 Survivors

Only one of two railroads to order the GP20 with a high short hood, the other being Great Northern, WP had ten, numbered 2001-2010, which were split between two orders. Unit 2003 was wrecked at Beowawe, Nevada in 1963, and subsequently scrapped, leaving only nine for the UP to inherit with the merger. All of them would be assigned UP numbers but were stored as unserviceable in Salt Lake City, Utah and had their traction motors removed. After removal of the traction motors the units were moved to Ogden, Utah for storage without ever wearing these numbers. The only GP20 to wear UP yellow was the 2009 which was returned to operating condition at the Salt Lake Shops in September 1984, painted and lettered as UP 488:2 at North Platte, Nebraska and then removed from service in January 1985 due to a turbocharger failure, and sold for scrap to St. Louis Auto Shredding, East St. Louis, Illinois on November 12, 1985. In July 1983 the 2008 was vacated from the UP roster and eventually sold for scrap in November 1985. All of the GP20’s were officially retired in March 1985 and stricken from UP’s roster. June of 1985 found the first production GP20 WP 2001 being donated to the Feather River Rail Society in Portola, California where it was restored to operational condition. In March 1988 the remaining six units were all sold to locomotive leasing companies. RELCO purchased the 2002, lowered the short hood, renumbered it 2001 and leased it to Exxon Chemical. Precision National bought the other five but did nothing with them. All assets of Precision National were sold to National Railway Equipment in 1997 and the ex WP GP20’s were finally scrapped in 2004.