Without the help of many individuals this site would not be what it is today. I am deeply indebted to these WP fans for helping me with the content of the site as well as correcting many of my mistakes and oversights. THANKS!

Ted Benson, Bob Black, John Black, Ray Bryant, Bruce Conklin, David Cox, Chuck Donaldson, Guy Dunscomb, Jim Eagar, Greg Elems, Al Fonseca, Joe Glassmire, Steve Habeck, Norman Holmes, Ken Iverson, Mel Lawrence, Art Lloyd, John Manter, Rod McClure, Harold Meeker, Ken Meeker, Mike Mucklin, Ken Rattenne, John Ryczkowski, Virgil Staff, David Stanley, Kent Stephens, Dave Varilek, Eugene Vicknair, Matthew Vurek, John Walker.

There have been others who have also contributed who's names I have misplaced, for that I apologize.

The colorized car drawings used in the passenger section are adapted from drawings provided by Joshua Moldover who has the Railroad Paint Shop. Information in the passenger section has also been provided by Alan Radecki and John Wilson who have the CZ Virtual Museum.

A very special thank you goes to all of the photographers whose work is displayed throughout the site. Special thanks also go to Thom Anderson who shared his collection of freight car and maintenence of way images and Dave Krumenacker for sharing his photos of ex WP locomotives for use here. Without the images the site would not be much to visit or look at.

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