History of the Western Pacific Railroad

This is a work in progress and will be completed a chapter at a time. As chapters are written this Table of Contents may change.

Chapter 1 Arthur Walter Keddie, Surveyor With a Dream
Chapter 2 Wagon Roads Down the Canyon?
Chapter 3 Oroville & Virginia City Railroad Company
Chapter 4 Oroville and Beckworth Railroad Company
Chapter 5 San Francisco & Great Salt Lake Railroad
Chapter 6 Alameda & San Joaquin Railroad
Chapter 7 San Francisco Terminal Railroad and Ferry Company
Chapter 8 Harriman Verses Gould
Chapter 9 North California Mining Company
Chapter 10 Stockton and Beckwith Pass Railway Company
Chapter 11 Sacramento and Oakland Railway Company
Chapter 12 Western Pacific is Born
Chapter 13 War on the Waterfront
Chapter 14 Locating, Surveying and Securing Land Claims for the Right of Way
Chapter 15 Yards, Terminals and Construction
Chapter 16 Discouaging Start Enthusiastic Welcome
Chapter 17 Recievership and Reorganization
Chapter 18 Building the Northern California Extension and the Last Gold Spike
Chapter 19 Life Begins at Forty
Chapter 20 Oroville Line Change
Chapter 21 Sign of Things to Come
Chapter 22 The Perlman Years and the End of Western Pacific Independence
Chapter 23 The Final Words