What's New on the Site

Updates to the site will be posted on this page so be sure to check here often. I try to update the site at least quarterly but that is not guarantied.
10/09/2019 The California Zephyr Inauguration page under Passenger Trains-California Zephyr has been completely rewritten with the consists of the first six trains from Oakland added as well as exhibition/excursion trains covered.
09/19/2019 Coding errors found have been corrected, none working internal links have been corrected, images no longer open into a new window.
07/16/2019 After uploading the site I discovered more than a few errors, those are being fixed and uploaded as fast as I find them.
07/15/2019 The site is undergoing a major rewrite to make it more mobile freindly. This is taking way more time than I imagined it would as every page has to be recoded. I have decided to put up what has been completed at this time minus the major image pages. Recoding these pages is taking an enormous amount of time but is progressing as quickly as possible. I thank you for your patience.