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I do not duplicate any of the photos that are on the pages nor do I send digital copies. My agreements with the photographers who have given permission to share their photos are for display on the web site only and do not include redistribution of their work.
Short answer, no. Most of the items on the site have been purchased by me over many years. Like museums and stores I can’t afford to give away what I have paid to obtain. I believe I am doing my part by sharing them with you on the web site. I also do not want to make this site what could be considered a commercial site. I would suggest that you check availability through libraries, museums and/or universities.
I do have a life away from the computer and have other commitments that also take time. This is a volunteer effort, as many sites like this on the internet are. Although I have the best of intentions to keep the site updated it is growing larger and more complex. I do appreciate your patience though.
By reading any and all published material I can find, talking with others that have collections pertaining to the WP, and generally begging and borrowing. Although I would like to have slides, negatives and photographs given to me for use on the site I have found to that to nearly impossible so have had to pay for most of them and still do as finances permit.
If you have information you think is relevant or corrects information currently on the site by all means let me know. I want the information presented here to be as correct as possible. I am human and make mistakes so let me know if you find errors. If you have slides, negatives, photographs or paper items that you believe would add to the site please contact me, I am always looking for new material to add.
I do not have any former WP personnel records or information concerning employees. If you are searching for a former WP employee, I suggest you contact the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board:

844 North Rush
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 751-4500.

There is also a U.S. Railroad Retirement Board web site at: