About the Site

Mission Statement

To present freely to the public the most accurate historical information concerning the Western Pacific Railway/Railroad and its Subsidiary roads on the internet with the use of both text and graphical images.


The primary goal is the accurate presentation of information for the personal use of site visitors via electronic distribution by way of the internet of historical reference material related to the Western Pacific Railway/Railroad as well as subsidiary companies. My strategy is to continually upgrade the site with historically accurate information as it becomes known and available, although I don’t believe this work will ever be totally complete.

If you have information not found here that may be of interest to others I encourage you to contact me so arrangements may be made for the inclusion and dissemination of that material.


I like to think of this site as an electronic publication. I am attempting to present, in as complete a manner as possible, information relating to the railroads that have sparked an interest not only for me but many others as well. As with all projects of this magnitude research is ongoing and new information is gleaned daily. I am hopeful you will find information concerning the Western Pacific Railway/Railroad and subsidiary roads you may desire for historical, modeling or general interest purposes located here.

A Message to Visitors

Although there may be long duration’s of time between updates I am constantly researching newly found information for inclusion on the site. Unfortunately other necessary commitments take away from time that could be spent on projects related to the site. I appreciate visitors understanding during the time when updates are not happening as quickly as I, or you, would like.


If you have feedback, suggestions, questions or would just like to contact me a link is provided at the bottom of every page.


In 1996 finding a lack of information related to the Western Pacific Railroad on the Internet I created a site with basic information and a few photos from my collection relating to the Western Pacific. Railfans upon finding the site responded to the plea for help with additional information and photos. The site began to grow and in 1999 I obtained the domain name under which the site now resides.