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Just found your wonderful and interesting site while researching a lot of vintage photos I recently acquired. It has been very helpful to me. Thank you for all of your efforts!

    Thanks Again!
    Erin Ortmann

You've done a marvelous job at putting together this WP web site. Just glancing quickly through the photos and narrative, I recall so many faces and stories of the delightful WP--and its Feather River history.

The site that you and others have created for informational purposes on the Internet, is like a breath of fresh air. I am EXTREMELY APPRECIATIVE for the effort put into this documentation; there is a wealth of information offered. You’re the best since Minnesota fishing was invented.

    Thank You Again.
    Dick Fraser

Greetings, I have been enjoying your wonderful site.

Oh what memories I have and they all come flooding back while surfing you site. My family has a summer home trackside near Two Rivers, close to Portola. I'm not old enough to remember steam...in fact I'm barely old enough to remember the California Zephyr.

But, thanks to the wonderful people who worked for the WP I have fond memories of the Zephyr and the WP. It was a CZ crew who invited me into the cab of one of those beautiful F-Units that introduced me to a life long love of railroads. I rode the CZ several times and witnessed the wash racks in Portola in action many times LOL!

Also thanks for the picture of the 2-8-0 number 36. I have the HO model of that but had not seen a picture of the prototype.

    Warren Crandall

I want to thank you for your magnificent work and considerable effort to expose the WP history to the web. I was cruising for CZ data and came across your web site, and was consumed for three hours reading. It is a beautiful and informative site, and obviously the result of passionate commitment and persistence. I hope that you can continue. A sincere thanks.

    Ned Wagner 

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