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Passenger Car Diagrams 1954

The diagrams as presented here are scans from the diagram books distributed to employeesin 1953 and 1954. I hope you enjoy these as a modeling tool or as general reference material. Clicking on an image will open a new window.

Link to diagram of Baggage Cars 801-802  Link to diagram of Vista-Dome Coaches 811-812, 815-817  Link to diagram of Vista-Dome Coaches 813-814  Link to diagram of Vista-Dome Buffett-Dormitory Cars 831-832 
Baggage Cars 801-802 Vista-Dome Coaches 811-812, 815-817 Vista-Dome Coaches 813-814 Vista-Dome Buffett-Dormitory Cars 831-832
Link to diagram of Dining Cars 841-842  Link to diagram of 6-5 Sleepers 851-852  Link to diagram of 10-6 Sleepers 861-867  Link to diagram of Open Section Sleepers 871-872 
Dining Cars 841-842 6-5 Sleepers 851-852 10-6 Sleepers 861-867 Open Section Sleepers 871-872
Link to diagram of Vista-Dome Observations 881-882  Link to diagram of Rail Diesel Baggage Coaches 375-376     
Vista-Dome Observations 881-882 Rail Diesel Baggage Coaches 375-376    

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